Research Scientist

The Research and Advanced Development team at Amazon Robotics is seeking passionate and talented research scientists to develop future mobility and transportation systems. We are looking for excellent candidates with expertise in perception for autonomous vehicles that operate alongside human users in highly dynamic and uncertain environments. Candidates with backgrounds in robust localization and mapping, object detection and tracking, persistent localization and life-long mapping, machine vision, and/or semantic scene understanding are encouraged to apply. The ideal candidates for these positions will be familiar with algorithms at both the theoretical and implementation levels. You will be challenged intellectually and have a good time while you are at it!
Basic Qualifications
PhD in Robotics, Computer Science, Machine Learning, or similar
Depth and breadth in state-of-the-art approaches for at least one of localization and mapping, object detection and tracking, and machine vision
At least three years of academic research or industry experience in developing relevant algorithms
Passion to work with physical robots and bridge the gap between the theory and working production software
Scientific mindset and the ability to invent, a track record of thought leadership and contributions that have advanced the field
Excellent creative problem solving skills
Experience with programming languages such as C++, Java, Python
Preferred Qualifications
Superior communication and data presentation skills
Demonstrated ability to lead research projects and identify fruitful research directions
Demonstrated ability to work on cross-functional teams
Experience writing production or library code
Experience with ROS and/or LCM
Experience with visualization libraries such as PCL, OpenCV
Development on Linux

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